The TENNIS-PLUS app was created to help you easily find tennis partners, whatever your level. The matching criteria being based on the level of tennis, the region selected and availability, the application is as useful for players who already play frequently and who can thus use it to plan their tennis agenda while varying the partners, than for players who are simply looking for playing partners on an ad hoc basis.


This 30 second video explains it to you!


1. Download the app from the Apple or Google store, depending on the type of smartphone you are using.

2. Create an account: don't panic, it's very fast! We ask for your surname, first name, email address, telephone number, your region and your level of tennis. A help guide is available in the application for people who do not know how to assess their level.

3. You will immediately see match proposals appear that match your criteria (same level, same region) and you can ``join`` the matches you want depending on your availability.

4. If you don't find anything that suits you in the matches offered, remember to remove all the pre-selected filters.

5. Still nothing found? Create your own matches according to your own criteria using the ``Create`` button.

6. You will then receive an email notification when someone wants to join your match or when your partner confirms the match you have joined.

At any time, you can unsubscribe from a match or delete a match you have created. When a player wants to join your match, it's up to you whether or not to confirm it in the app.

7. Once the match is confirmed, you will receive your partner's contact details and a link to help you make a tennis court reservation at a club near you.

Please note: it is the responsibility of whoever created and confirmed the match to reserve the court, unless, by contacting your partner, your arrangement is different.